HR Consultancy

We offer consultancy services covering a range of HR elements. Whether you need help with performance and absence issues, disciplinary or grievance case management, organisational development, recruitment or more, we are here to support you whatever your business’ needs are.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

– Day Rate £400
– Hourly Rate £60 (up to a maximum of 4 hours)

Here’s some further information on the HR elements we can help with…

Disciplinary and Grievance case management

It doesn’t always run smoothly, there are times when things go wrong and to navigate through investigations, disciplinaries and grievances can be very time consuming and stressful.  With a proven track record, extensive experience and the ability to navigate through the legal implications we offer a fully insured consultancy service.

“I reached out to Krissy after an expensive HR mistake I made in my business. Krissy’s expertise handling of my case and knowledge of employment law was invaluable to me. She then supported me in implementing a new HR recruitment procedure as well as rebuilt my processes and my confidence tailored to my small business needs.

Should I ever need support again she will always be my go to person. I highly recommend her services and also wish to add she is positive and approachable in her support.”

A Bowe

Performance Management

How does your Performance Management framework directly correlate to the levels of employee engagement in your team? It is accepted that motivated employees perform at the highest possible level and help maintain a business culture of high morale leading to better performing businesses.

We can support you to improve the performance levels within your teams and how they directly impact the productivity and services you provide.

Absence Management

We work with you to improve your absence management, ensuring that your policies and processes reduce the impact and cost to your business and that you are able to support your team when long-term health issues arise.

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment is more challenging with the Great Resignation and the War for Talent making it harder and harder each day. We are an accredited internationally certified user of Thomas profiling which aids recruiting and retaining the right people for your business by harnessing the power of psychology. The assessments can be used for recruiting new members of the team and for developing your existing team helping to take the guess work out of behaviour, aptitude and personality traits allowing you to really understand what drives and motivates your team.

Choose our bespoke and easy to use recruitment toolkit to allow you to recruit with confidence.

Learning & Development

We can help you harness the talent within your team – if you are wanting to invest in your team we can support your business with change management projects, succession planning, professional development.


We are proud to be licensed to deliver the internationally acclaimed RenewYou© course. This course is for women and can be delivered within your business. It can help you unlock the talent in your business in particular with developing women at the start of their career or already in leadership positions to enhance your succession planning.

If you wish for the course to be run in-house, please contact us for availability and dates.

Management or Organisational Design

If you are looking at a change of management or succession planning projects or you want to focus on your business’ organisational design to improve effectiveness, then we can also help with this.

Get in touch to discuss what HR support your business needs and we can go from there.