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Tallann Services is proud to deliver the internationally acclaimed one day personal development course for women, designed specifically for women by Jane C Woods of Changing People.  A specialist in Gender Equality, her career has been dedicated to supporting women to be the very best version of themselves.

The challenge is not the same, we are working in a world designed by men, for men, predominantly run by them and the findings of research remain the same….women have to overcome different challenges than men to succeed. 

It is found that the career pathway for women is not clear, with the need to juggle responsibility for caring for family, partners, taking time out to have children and raise them women are invariably the main carers.  A lack of self-confidence is common, our responsibilities are widespread and complex, without a clear pathway our confidence is naturally affected.  In a working environment when women look for progression they take a different approach to men, ensuring that their experience is established in all elements of the higher role often missing opportunities or having the confidence to present themselves in their best light.

At Tallann we know that by addressing the lack of self-confidence it will allow you to overcome the other hurdles, we can help your business unlock the talent within your workforce and as an individual we can unlock your talent within you!

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for any woman, it works equally well if you find yourself at a crossroads or if you want to take stock and reflect over the last year.

If you are wanting to progress, change roles or are returning from time out of the workplace, then we can help.

What to expect?

RenewYou is a one-day course in 3 parts. 

The first session of the day, we stop and reflect on your last 12 months. How has it been for you as an individual? Everybody’s journey is different, while we have all been in the same storm not everybody is in the same boat. 

Then we focus on you as an individual. We take the resilience and strengths from the first part, the self-awareness and understanding from the second part and then we work on a plan for moving forward to whatever that may be for you. 

To work through the programme you will receive your own RenewYou journal to keep a personal record on the day and help keep you motivated for your plan for the future. 

All refreshments, including a delicious lunch is provided, please advise of any dietary requirements or allergies at the time of booking.

RenewYou dates & prices

The next RenewYou open course will be announced soon

RenewYou© Course is RRP £329, now £279 per person.

There are no additional charges if you wish to pay by instalments.

All fees are fully refundable for cancellations received 21 days prior to course dates.

If you wish for the course to be run in-house, please contact us for availability and dates.

Here are what others have said:

"The course was fantastic, it has continually filled my thought process, I feel stronger and motivated in the workplace.”
Harriet Ramsey
“…there was a 40% average increase in feelings of self confidence and empowerment. The day was perfectly pitched for the group we had organised – one of the attendees successfully applied for a promotion within a few months of participating on the course and another was actively pursuing additional qualifications and training.”
After staff survey, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
“This will be one of the few training documents I will read from cover to cover.” (Referring to the RenewYou Journal)."
Northants Police